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A series of photographs for the theater poster inspired by the book ”Marriage” - writer Nikolai Gogol –

In Absentias

In Absentias je zvuk maksimalnog minimalizma. Bend je nastao kao solo projekat Ane Avramov, mlade autorke i muzičarke iz Zrenjanina, da bi se potom razvio u trio, koji osim nje okuplja i bubnjara, Dušana Golmajera ...


These photes present a reflection of all my past experiences. I believe that everyone, even only for a moment, often thinks of the past. Permanent review, the process by which man meets his inner worlds. ...

Shakespeare Lives

Hamlet is imprisoned in the deep dark attic of his mind. Like the thin border between light and dark, he is playing on the thin edge of insanity. Alone with his thoughts, occupied with the ...

Dance Of Darkness

Invisible Man

A series of photographs inspired by the book ”Invisible Man” – Herbert George Wells


,,Geopoteka” is one of the most eminent publishing house in Serbia. Throughout many years ,,Geopoteka”  showed quality and success, but also succeeded to differentiate from the others by using only photography for book covers. I ...

Is Life That I Live Really Mine?

Everything that could have happened

Soul Time

Love Hunting

True Fairy Tales

Whole generations had grown up and still growing with Disney’s heroes. We could learned from them that good defeats evil, we cried with them, laughed, fantasized. In the time of creation of fairy tales they ...

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